Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Systems

Compact stereo Bluetooth receiver/transmitter enabled audio speakers can provide desktop computer and laptop users with flexible listening -- and optionally, Hands-Free call management options around the home or office. These Apple compatible Bluetooth speakers may be designed for mobile, portable use, or sitting on a bookshelf ready to Pair. The massive cell phone, iPad and iPhone market can now take advantage of A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. A2DP brings high-fidelity stereo streaming at close range with greater frequency response range than other, older Bluetooth protocols that were designed primarily for voice.

#1 Best-Selling Bluetooth HandsFree System:

Jawbone JAMBOX

Micro Sub-Woofer 2.1 Stereo with Hands-Free Call Management

Based internally on the same world-class 2.1 stereo audiophile hardware as the FoxL - this stylish hands-free portable speaker comes in 4 different color and speaker grille styles. Unbelievable stereo sound quality you can hold in your hand. The JamBox measures roughly 6"x2"x2" and offers up to 10 hours playback. Rubberized casing keeps it steady and rattle free on your desktop. Addional 1/8th inch input jack for other devices. Battery recharges via USB cables provided. Awesome audio - brilliantly engineered.

Ipevo BlueTooth Tublar

The Tubular's Lithium-Ion battery is recharged via built-in USB cable for 8+ hours listening enjoyment per charge. Features integrated controls for Pairing, Volume, and Power. LED status lights. For your desktop - or on the go - it features a great snap-apart design for wide stereo separation that twists back together for portable travel speaker needs. Hi-quality speaker drivers for full, pleasing frequency response at close range.

LMB Bluetooth Stereo soundbar imageSoundMatters FoxLv2 BlueTooth LiOn Powered Portable Speaker - this admittedly pricey system features drivers of audiophile quality in an ultra-compact form factor. Its rectangular bass driver is integrated into the flat and rubberized battery at the rear. HandsFree call features for phone use with it's built-in microphone too!

Artdio Bluetooth 2.1 StereoArtdio BT-328
3" woofer, dual 2" drivers give this BT speaker + HandsFree microphone combo high-wattage full range output.

Top-Selling BlueTooth Stereo Speaker From Sonysony SRSBTM30 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPod + MP3
Runs on 3 AA batteries or A/C power and delivers 6 watts of portable travel Bluetooth audio.

SuperTooth BlueAnt M1 Bluetooth SoundBar
Compatible with any Bluetooth A2DP device, phone, PC or Mac computer -- the BlueAnt's built-in Subwoofer with bass boost enhance button delivers punch in a compact size. Includes AC adapter and car charger and features a 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input jack for iPod or other audio device.


Improvements in Bluetooth transmission speeds to Version 2.1 + EDR audio technology enable 2-channel wireless stereo audio streams in high-quality. Operating System support for A2DP stereo in iOS4 and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5+ are delivering wireless, high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker solutions that work - today! Wireless audio is not just for cell-phones or handheld gadgets: Recently there's a growing demand for Bluetooth wireless speakers for iPad - and late-model iPod Touch audio too!

Last Updated: 11/06/2011